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The Red River Cattle Co. is a family operated farm located where the bluegrass meets the mountains in Clay City, Kentucky approximately 30 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky and home to the world famous Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge.  All of our cattle have Angus influence and are crossed with Charolais and other breeds of fine cattle.  Our beef is customized cut for you and inspected and stamped by a USDA inspector.  We do not give our cattle hormones, shots, or implants, and we do not buy processed feed for our cattle.  We began raising our cattle for beef because we were tired of eating beef that was pumped with hormones and steroids, and wanted to get back to the old fashion way of life.  We almost forgot what real beef tasted like.  “We” consist of Dean and his wife Cindy, and their son Tyler and his wife Jenni.  


Because our beef is natural and we are complete family owned and operated your beef may take as little as 2 months up to 12 months to prepare.  This is to insure that your beef is 100% natural, and will taste better than any other beef you can buy.  The availability will depend on the time of year you order and the supply availability.

When you decide you would like to order, it will only take a few minutes to get you on your way to eating delicious natural “Beef Like Mother Nature Intended”.  Simply fill out the sales contract and cutting instructions (this is going to be the link to a Adobe Pdf file you must have acrobat reader to view, you can download the reader from adobe free here, and mail into us, or call one of our family members and we will fill it out for you.  Remember you can use your credit card over the phone.  It is completely safe, quick and easy, and best of all, it is FREE.  After ordering your beef you will pay a non refundable deposit, and then your own personal beef will be prepared for you.  You can take your time and pay monthly, or you can pay the final installment when your beef is delivered FREE (within a 200 mile radius) to your door step.  If you live further than 200 miles don’t worry, we can still deliver to you; call us for a very small rate. 

Red River Cattle Co.  

Beef Like Mother Nature Intended  

Due to the high demand for our beef, supplies are limited, reserve your beef today