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The cost includes all costs to your doorstep up to 200 miles.  The cost of your purchase is based on the hanging weight of the animal on average about 600 lbs for a whole beef, and may reach as much as 750 lbs.  (Hanging weight is the weight of the whole animal minus head, hide, feet, and “innards” before it is butchered)  You’ll receive approximately 70% of this in finished weight, the weight you put in the freezer.  The packaging is included in price.  You can decide either super thick paper or super suction vacuum sealed shrink wrap. 

WHOLE BEEF $3.99/lb

HALF BEEF      $4.19/lb


Bulk pricing is available as well as payment plans.

MAJOR credit cards accepted!!!!



Red River Cattle Co.  

Beef Like Mother Nature Intended  

Due to the high demand for our beef, supplies are limited, reserve your beef today